Veggi - Silom Vegetarian Street Stall

suitable for vegetarians

suitable for vegans

Address: Lane off Soi Pipat 2, (between Soi Pipat and Convet Road), Silom
Tel: 086-9841-621
Open: Mon-Fri 11:00 until 14:00 (arrive early or all the food will be gone)
Nearest BTS (Skytrain): Sala Daeng & Chong Nonsi

Veggi - vegan and vegetarian street stall on Soil Pipat 2Veggi is a family run vegan/vegetarian street stall just of Soi Pipat 2 in Silom. Soi Pipat 2 is the road tha joins Soi Pipat and Convent Road. It's about 5-10 mins walk from bothe Sala Daeng and Chong Nonsi BTS (skytrain) stations. I am a regular here because it's only a minute's walk from my apartment. Walk past at any time other than lunchtime and you won't see any evidence of the stall at all. But during lunchtime there is a big yellow sign on Soi Pipat 2 with an arrow pointing down a small lane. Veggi is about 20 metres down the stall on the right - you can' t miss it. I'm not even sure if the stall is called Veggi, or whether the sign is just pointing out that it sells veggie food. But they don't speak any English at all, so I haven't found out. But to me it's called Veggi.

sign on soi pipat 2 pointing to veggi vegan cafe


The food is typical Thai food and what you get at most street stalls and food courts. They usually have brown rice, although on odd occasions I've been served white rice. Most days there is a choice of about 10 hot dishes. Some days that also have extras like veggie sausages and other fake meats. The also have a few take-away items. Today I noticed that they had a few bowls of noodles out as well, so what's there on any given day tends to change a little.

Like all street food stalls, this is very cheap, as it attracts local Thai workers - I've never seen a white person there, apart from me. It's a bit off the beaten track and you'd only see it if you happened to walk past at lunchtime. It's well worth a visit if you're in the area.

A typical vegetarian lunch at Veggi on Soi Pipat 2, Silom, Bangkok indoor and outdoor eating at vegetarian cafe in silom 

selection of veggie dishes at soi pipat 2 cafe selection of food at vegetarian cafe in silom, bangkok

A typical dish of rice and 3 veggie dishes, such as curries or stir fries, is 40 baht (around $1.30 or £0.80). You can't really go wrong at those prices.